Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Woof everyone! Pamela here, the most senior member of Maltese Manor. I prefer the title of Grand Dame of Maltese Manor. Mummy has several names for me though, including Miss P., Chicken Little, Chicken Legs, Skinny Minnie, Punkin, and Pooh-Head.

Today is my 13th birthday! So Happy Birthday to me!

Me in 1998!

I was born in Pomona, near the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, on 18 May, 1998. I was the only girl in my family, but I did have two brothers. Mummy found me via the Canine Control Council of Qld's list of registered breeders. I can still remember the night mummy came to take me home. I was very shy and I kept hiding my face behind my breeder's arm as he was cradling me, but then I'd take a quick peek at mummy to make sure she wasn't going home without me.

Mummy called me 'Pamela' after Pamela Anderson, 'cause mummy says that I'm her little blonde bombshell. Mummy also calls me her Guardian Angel, because before I was adopted by mummy she was very sick and in hospital lots. But since I arrived, mummy hasn't had to go back to hospital at all! From the first time that mummy picked me up for a cuddle, I knew that was where I belonged, so every waking moment is spent trying to think of new ways to get mummy to pick me up. It's my life mission!

After a visit to the rocks!

I loved our King's Beach apartment!
  My first year was spent in an apartment at King's Beach overlooking the ocean. I used to go for walks with mummy around the rocks at low tide and try to harrass crabs, but they usually ended up harassing me. So I'd run back to mummy and she'd pick me up. Mummy took me to pre-school and parks, but those places were full of dogs so I didn't like them much. All they wanted to do was smell my bottom and play like I play with Woolley (I'll tell you about Woolley in a minute).  

I really loved our apartment, but mummy wanted to buy a house, so in 1999 we moved.

Mummy decided that she wanted a little brother for me to play with, so in 2000 she adopted Benjamin. He was and continues to be a naughty boy who likes getting into trouble and then blaming me, but mummy knows that I'm an angel. Also, he acts like a dog, so how can I relate to him when he does that? Even though he can be a pain, I love my little brother lots, as long as he doesn't interfere with mummy picking me up.

I got blamed for this mess!

 My favourite toy is my Woolley. It's made with faux sheepskin and is bone-shaped. I love Woolley, and by that I mean LOVE! When I was younger I used to make 'hot monkey love' to Woolley at every opportunity (when I wasn't trying to be picked up, that is). Now that I'm older, Woolley and me have become good friends and I like to sleep next to him. He is great for a cuddle, especially on cold nights.

We sometimes have visitors at Maltese Manor. Currently, Sebastian Scott is lodging with us. I don't have much to do with him as (1) He's a boy, and (2) He acts like a dog, and (3) He tries to steal Woolley at any opportunity. Other than that, he behaves himself and I think Benjamin likes another boy around every now and then. But he tried to steal Benjamin's squeaky rhino last night and Benjamin didn't like that at all, but they eventually made up.

Sebastian Scott

I have a few hobbies. Apart from the usual Maltese things (sleeping and eating), most other things I do involve planning ways to get mummy to pick me up. For example, if I fall off the bed, mummy picks me up. And if I go out to the kitchen and bark during the night, mummy comes and picks me up and takes me back to bed. If I drop Woolley off the bed, I growl until mummy comes and picks him up. So I have mummy pretty well trained. So does Woolley. Benny doesn't like mummy picking him up as much, and he runs under the bed and makes a game out of it. But why make a game out of it when it takes time away from being picked up? Sometimes I really do think that he's quite thick.

Benjamin, Santa & me

One thing that's yukky about getting older is that mummy takes me to the vet a lot. Now, mummy says that Dr. Colin is very nice, but when I know I'm going there I start to shake like a leaf and get upset. One time I went there and he took 12 of my teeth out! What a brute! He also makes me take yukky tablets for my bad back, which mummy tries to hide in my din-din (but I know she hides it there, and I try to spit it out).

Miss Cheryl's trying to hold me still!

My hairdresser's name is Miss Cheryl. She visits us every 6 weeks or so to give us our hair cuts. I figure that Miss Cheryl has it pretty easy at her job, so I try to help her by making it more challenging. By that, I mean that I act like a squirmy worm for the whole hour I'm in front of her. Benjamin, on the other hand, lets her get off lightly, as he loves the attention (and I think he has a bit of a crush on her, too). Miss Cheryl has made up new swear-words when she grooms me, so I help her expand her vocabulary, too! Anything to help out, that's me. 

Can you see Woolley on the floor?!

These days I just like to lie with mummy while she watches TV, does crosswords, or plays on the 'puter. I sleep on the pillow next to mummy's head, in the most inconvenient way that I can. That way, mummy knows I'm always around and close to her. Mummy has even devised a way to do things like crosswords with one hand while she has me picked up with the other hand, which I think is quite cool.

My (2nd favourite) hobby

So today, all I want for my birthday is a schmako chew and a kiss. And maybe, just maybe, mummy might pick me up? I have a really good feeling that she will!


Miss P.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Welcome to Maltese Manor!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Maltese Manor! My name is Benjamin, and my sister Pamela and I are the occupants of Maltese Manor. Well, actually, mummy owns Maltese Manor, but we run it!

I hope you enjoy visiting and hearing about our comings and goings. Mummy helps us type as our claws scratch the computer, but she promises to type exactly what we tell her to.

I am a 10 year old boy (I'll be 11 on June 7). Mum calls me her Millenium Boy as I was born in 2000. I'm a Gemini and my favourite toy is anything squeaky or noisy. I love scratches on the tummy and being brushed. My favourite food is anything; I'm not fussy!

My big sister Pamela is 13 next month. She's a Taurean, like mum, and boy, is she stubborn! She acts quite aloof, but mum says that she doesn't think of herself as a dog - she thinks she's just like mum & should be treated as such. Pamela has one mission in life, and that's to 'come up'. She's only happy when she's getting a cuddle from mum. Between cuddles, she spends her time thinking of ways to be picked up. 

We live near the beach, and love getting up to mischief on the sand, but mum gets annoyed as she has to give us a bath afterwards. I loooove my baths, but Pam doesn't like them at all.

We live with 2 budgies and 2 cockateils, so our manor house can be quite rowdy. We love our feathered siblings, so we don't bother them much, unless they kick up a stink about something. We always go to investigate then.

I love having my picture taken, so I hope you'll like my photos in blogs to come. Pam isn't a 'camera tart' like me, but she still takes an ok picture.

Well, that's it from me for now. I hope you enjoy our blog!

Love and bones,

Benjamin.  xxxxxx